What Today’s CFOs Need to Know: Everything, at Any Moment

How SaaS firms can empower CFO customers to overcome messy ERP integrations with the right integration approach

A Different Tactic: One-to-Many Integrations and Data Virtualization



With the “disrupt or be disrupted” creed common in the increasingly competitive financial sector, CFOs are under pressure not only to innovate, but also to optimize existing processes and improve visibility in terms of analytics and operations.

The key to conquering these key challenges is API integration and data virtualization. But what exactly does this alphabet soup entail, and how can you get there efficiently and without breaking the bank?

In the eBook, discover how pre-built API connectors for a wide range of core ERP and F&A applications can: 

  • Enable unrestricted data flow for enhanced productivity
  • Improve spend controls
  • Provide the real-time insights CFOs need

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