Live webinar series by Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements v2 WEBINAR

TUESDAY, August 29th | 11AM MST



The Cloud Elements v2 Webinar will be a live conversation with presenters and participants, to get a first-hand look at what’s new in Cloud Elements.

As participants, you ask the questions, our presenters will answer. It’s like a live event, without the hassle of actually attending a live event!

Join our Customer Enablement Coach and Director of Sales Engineering, Clayton Shaver and David Honan, for this interactive hour, to discover what’s new in Cloud Elements v2, how you can migrate your existing integrations over from v1, and get a sneak peek at upcoming features.

  • What’s new in v2?
  • How can you migrate over from v1?
  • What has changed in v2?


Dave.png David Honan, Director of Sales Engineering
20170719-001-ce_shoot(DSC_5385)-Edit.png Clayton Shaver, Customer Enablement Manager


Following the introduction, JOIN US FOR v2 DEEP DIVE WEBINARS:

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ce-v2-webinar-artwork-full-file (1)-02-1.png
ce-v2-webinar-artwork-full-file (1)-03-1.png
ce-v2-webinar-artwork-full-file (1)-04-1.png

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