The State of API Integration Report 2019

The State of API Integration IN 2019

LIVE WEBINAR - April 4, 2019 @ 11 am MDT

Not only do 55% of businesses use APIs as a revenue stream by charging for access, but API integration has become a critical factor in driving overall business strategy. What does this mean for you?

The 2019 State of API Integration Report contains insights and predictions from expert thought leaders in the industry, as well as over 350 API enthusiasts from 27 distinct industries, to visualize trends and determine where the API industry is heading in 2019.

Join us on April 4th at 11 am MDT to see this year’s key findings up close with the API experts who helped pull the report together.

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  • Use case-driven API integration
  • Consolidating to low-code/no code environments
  • Connect, Model, Orchestrate
  • Integration best practices by vertical including healthcare, finance, and human capital


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Want to know what the data means for the future of API integrations, or your specific industry?

2019 State of API Integration Report Contributors Ross Garret, Shelby Swizter, Mike Amundsen, and Mehdi Medjaoui will join this webinar to expound on their observations of the survey results and their predictions for where APIs are heading. Register for this live webinar to learn from them!

State of API Integration 2019 Report Contributors