Application Ecosystems: The Freedom to Build the Future

Unified APIs and data virtualization makes it easy to unite applications and processes

Application Ecosystems are dynamic networks of applications, products, and services upon which organizations rely internally, or must interact with across customers, partners, and their global business footprint, to create and exchange sustainable value.

But how to create ecosystems that drive innovation?

Cloud Elements’ embedded integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) delivers enterprise-class API integration in a completely new way—a different, yet proven approach embraced by world-leading companies such as SAP, Western Union, American Express, and Sage. At the heart of Cloud Elements’ differentiation is a highly innovative, contrarian view of what application integration should be.

Download this brief for these key takeaways:

  • The Application Ecosystem defined
  • Why point-to-point integration methods are no longer efficient
  • How data virtualization creates ecosystems to help companies sync, share, and process data at scale