Finserv, Fintech and a Bridge To The Future


There’s a chasm between modern fintech, legacy banking systems, and corporates’ systems of record. Flimsy, single-use connectors hold everyone back.

The old vs. new technical divide has never been more pronounced. A better bridge needs a modern keystone: virtualized data models.

The challenge of connecting to the ever-expanding list of apps your customers use isn’t a new one. But as connectivity needs multiply year-over-year, what’s the best way to bridge the gap in a sustainable way that your developers will thank you for in the future?

In our latest eBook, we grapple with the challenges of various connectivity strategies and go in-depth on:

  • What your connectivity bridge should entail (and how to make sure it stays relevant & up-to-date as tech requirements change)
  • Overcoming brittle point-to-point connections & the competitive differentiation of seamless integrations
  • Navigating & integrating highly customized ERP systems & manual processes

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