Modernizing Data in the Financial Application Ecosystem

How API Integration Empowers Legacy Technology

In 2018, financial companies spent $175 billion on maintaining legacy systems



As the application ecosystem continues to expand, financial service organizations and FinTechs have become increasingly bogged down by legacy systems.

With the proliferation of new technologies; the prominent need to share data across applications and organizations; and ever-increasing competition in the financial landscape, the message is clear: integrate or die.

But how do you even go about transitioning to a new platform? And why is it so important?

In this whitepaper, we’ll explore: 

  • The cost of not upgrading legacy systems
  • What’s preventing companies from legacy modernization 
  • How data virtualization and one-to-many integrations can streamline processes and make your customers happy
  • Why Open Banking necessitates a shift away from legacy systems

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