The product manager's guide to transforming digital offerings with API integration

Learn why (and how) leading SaaS providers are turning their products into platforms with the power of API integration. Innovative companies, such as PactSafe, Slack and Intercom, are making integration easier and accessible by shifting the burden of integration off of their customers. 

So WHY are software companies taking this leap of transformation? Platforms deliver far more value and utility to your business than a standalone product. Modern companies must think beyond developers, and democratization tasks across integration.

This shift propels companies into the Network "Economy" which is fueled by Network Effects - the phenomenon whereby goods and services become more valuable when more people use them, so there is a relentless focus on building as large a network as possible. 

The experts examine four key themes, or super heroes, of the Network Economy. Within the ebook, we explain these four themes in-depth with real-world examples and key takeaways that you can bring back to your product team. Download the ebook to learn more about these Super Heroes:

1. Magnetic
2. Infinite
3. Real-Time
4. Intimate