Business & technical trends to expect this year and beyond

Accelerated change underlines the wave of integration trends from the past five years

For the past five years, we’ve asked integration experts for their thoughts and opinions on API integration trends from the best auth methods to the best way to price an integration offering. 

In a nod to the past half-decade gathering this data and in light of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve created a special version of our annual report that covers not only key technical and business trends, but also how the pandemic has affected the integration industry.

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  • Just how prominent the rise of GraphQL will be and whether or not orgs will gravitate to this method in the future

  • Shifts in the benefits of API integration - time-to-market and agility overcome productivity on this year’s prioritization list

  • NEW -- insights by company type (ISV, SI, CIO) showing differences in avg. time it takes to build an integration,  # of productized integrations built, & budget for integration projects

  • The rise & proliferation of the platform model for critical digital products


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